Thursday, February 7, 2008


First off I wanted to thank all of you who have been sending your thoughts and prayers our way for my dear Oma. She seems to be doing better and in better spirits. The doctors did find fluid in her lungs which caused her problems with breathing. They are also doing further testing, such as an Echocardiogram to make sure her heart is functioning well. So please continue to pray for her full recovery!

An update on me, well finally after being sick with a nasty cold for over a week. I think I'm finally almost rid of it! It's been draining. And I still need to catch up on my rest. But I'm thankful I'm no longer reaching for the kleenex box every 5 minutes.

So gonna add some "syrup" (as Mickie would say on her posts) to my post with a video clip and some recent photos. In the video clip I was trying to show how James has learned where his nose is. He finally points to it in the end.

Here's James boogie-ing down to the Backyardigans!

James and Sissy dancing! :-)

So Stephen has W-Th off, so I always tell him to bring home a big enough car for all 3 kids, since I watch Mia during the week. This week he brought home a Suburban. It was really nice, drove so much smoother than our Yukon - and it had the nice upgrades of leather, sunroof, Navigation and a DVD player! We decided to take Madeline, Mia and James down to Chachos in San Antonio. A neat place, with great inexpensive Mexican food, and a HUGE 4 story high play area for the kids!

Miss Mia barreling down the slide!

Madeline having a fun time!

Mia and James watching the other kids go down the slide.

James walking up the slope!


steve said...

Looks like the kids are having a great time in San Antonio.

Anonymous said...

We are praying for your Oma.
Windy & Ryan

Nana said...

James has the same dance moves as his Daddy. Loved the Pictures.
Love and Misses, Nana

Rachel said...

When I asked Yoram who the boy in the last picture is, he didn't say James. He said; Yoojam! He thought he saw himself in the picture, funny huh?!

Love, Rachel

heather said...

Our thoughts are with your Oma. Heather and Michael