Friday, February 8, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Us!

texasI cannot believe it's been a year since we moved here to Texas!!! Funny cause when we arrived here it was quite cold, in the 50's or so. And all week it's been beautiful 70 degree weather, and I think today it got into the low 80's!


We love it here. We'll always admit, "It's not Southern California" but it's definitely the next best thing and place we would want to live.
So we'll be staying awhile unless we win the big lotto. :-) We have lots more to explore in this big state. I definitely want to find those beautiful fields of bluebonnets this Spring that people talk about.
texas blue bonnets
I'd love to venture down to Corpus Christi for a visit even though I hear the ocean doesn't compare to that in California.
I'd like to take the kids camping this Summer and go tubing down the Guadalupe River.
guadalupe river
Many places to go and things to see! :-)


Uncle Steve said...

The bluebonnets are in East Texas and run up Hwy 75 from Houston to Dallas. You need to plan a trip for the kids in East Texas from Rusk Texas to Palestine and ride the train about a 25 minute trip. You can walk between the cars to get things to eat etc. -- Corpus Christi is nice as far as Texans know the ocean. It's all they have but South Padre south of Corpus is the place to go. It's near Mexico. -- If you are going to be a Texan tubing on the Guadalupe River is a must. No hurry just relax, drink beer and enjoy the friends you go with. You are making me home sick now. Got to go. Love you,

uncle steve said...

Go to East Texas in the spring when the dogwoods are in bloom. That's supposed to be the tree that Christ was hung on the cross with. The flowers that come on the tree are in the shape of a cross with a nail in the center of it. You can find the dogwood flower on line to look at.