Sunday, February 17, 2008

Quick Update

Thought I'd give a quick little update. So our nice, warm Texas weather has left us and we've had rain the past 2 days - and it even got cold enough for me to turn the heater on tonight! It's been off for like 2 weeks! I'm feeling 100% better, but now I think Stephen is coming down with some sort of cold. And it doesn't help that many of the other managers at his work seem to be getting sick, including 1 who will be out until next week doctor's orders. So now a few of his shifts will change. Madeline's complaining of a scratchy throat, but other than that is okay. James seems fine, has had a clear runny nose for a few weeks off and on but I think it's due to teething.

I am so excited that Stephen got all of his vacation requests approved for the year. He has a week and half off in March, a week off for the 4th of July, 5 days off in September and 5 days off in December! And I think he still has a few extra vacation/floating holidays to use up.

I've been having some computer problems lately. Had to do a system restore. Can't get my webcam to work properly. My speakers keep going in and out. And I had software problems with my work software where I had to miss 2 shifts last week. I've gotten most of it trouble shooted and fixed, but still I think we may have to get a new computer this year. I did take calls earlier this evening for West. Took an order for some romance CD collection, and those Detox foot pads again! I'm definitely getting more comfortable taking calls now.

I've also been busy organizing all our bills and filing cabinet. I want to gather all my info before my mom comes out next week and I work on our taxes with her. So weird that Texas has no state tax! I will have to file state taxes with Oregon for the 1 month we lived there last year. I hope we get a big return again this year! How many of you are done with your taxes?

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