Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sippy Cups!

Those of you that are moms know of this great invention I'm talking about! Cups with spill proof lids/spouts. Let's just say the kids have their own cabinet in the kitchen stocked with their own dishware. Well Madeline is 4 now, and she can drink perfectly from a regular cup but still continues to use sippy cups with spouts because I'm too lazy to clean up more spills. :-) A few years back I bought her the straw type sippy cups, but they always leaked or if I tightened the lid too tight the liquid would be forced up the straw. So I stuck with the spout type ones. Well she is definitely looking too old to be drinking out of these types so I decided to try the straw ones again. Funny thing is, James prefers drinking out of Madeline's sippy cups (he has his own baby type ones in boy colors) just because they are his sissy's. So I figured I'd try the straw ones out for him too so he could feel like a "big boy". HEB had a blowout sale on their 2-packs of Eveflo Dazzler straw sippy cups for only $4.97! So I bought a 2-pack...luckily one had a pink lid with a princess design, and the other had a red lid with an animal design. They love them! And so far they don't leak! So how is it we still have spots and stains on our carpet!?
Wanted to share these cute photos of James eating a cupcake that Bill and Jimmena got for us. I was smart enough to strip him down before I let him eat it, and of course he went straight into the bath afterwards. But he certainly enjoyed it!


n&k spence said...

Yep, sippy cups are great. Do you have any suggestions on other baby products, like double stroller or bottles or anything. I tried Dr. Brown bottles with Tanner and like them, but too many parts. Think I'll use another kind this time. When did you move Madeline to a bed? We're trying to figure out what to do with the new baby.

Windy said...

thanks for the sippy tippy!