Sunday, February 3, 2008

Getting ready for the Big Game, 2nd shift with West

Today is Superbowl Sunday. We're rooting for the Pats (boo hoo on NY teams! ;-). I'm making homemade salsa and my famous Costco recipe Babyback BBQ Ribs! Yum!

I just finished another call shift for West. This one was fun. I didn't have as many upsells to give and the callers were all pleasant. I took orders for a Spanish Language Kit, Diabetic Kit, Toxin Foot Pad removers, Golf Driver, Window Awning Brochure, Swivel Sweeper and a Oven/LePresse Chopper. Every now and then the caller asks me where I'm located. I had 1 caller in CA who asked if I was in CA, I told him no that I was in TX but born and raised in CA. He said he could tell because I pronounced his street name correctly, "Calle Vista Verde". LOL


Anonymous said...

Post your recipe for the ribs! All three of us are sick here with different types of colds, had to cancel our superbowl party. Wah Wah! take Care,

uncle steve said...

Sorry about the Patriots. I was rooting for them as well. I love Baby back ribs. Sometime soon - within a week - I'll munch on some. Love ya,