Thursday, January 31, 2008

"Maddy-Daddy Day"

Both Jimmena and I are sick, so she's stayed home from work and also kept Mia home the past 2 days. So on Wednesday, Stephen's day off, he decided he wanted some bonding time with his daughter and to also leave me and James with a quiet house to rest and nap. So he invented..."Maddy-Daddy Day!". He figured he'd take her to a park or something. When they got in the car and started driving he checked his Hertz Never Lost Navigation for local attractions, Austin Zoo came up as one of the first so he just headed there!
It is about 30 minutes from our house, so Madeline ended up falling asleep on the way. When they got there and he woke her up, she said "Daddy it was taking forever to get here. Where are we? Where are the swings?". LOL
As you can see she was enjoying time with Daddy.
Great picture from his camera phone huh?

After the zoo he took her to McDonald's to get a slushy and some fries (a very tempting place to go while on a diet - but he stuck to his guns!). So when they got home Madeline said, "Mommy at the zoo we saw James' most favorite things - birdies! So we have to take him there. And I saved some of my french fries for Jimmy-James." :-)

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Uncle Steve said...

I always wish I had a day all by myself with my dad. Someday Maddy will look back on those days and cherish them. I'm proud of you Steve for thinking about your daughter, her memories and your wife.