Saturday, January 26, 2008

My first shift with West!

So I worked my first shift for West this evening! I picked up a shift another agent needed to get rid of. It was only a 1/2 hour shift but I thought it would be good practice. I actually got nervous, my stomach got in knots! My first caller was an elderly lady who had a hard time hearing, she was ordering "The Lifetime of Romance" Cd collection. I kept having to repeat myself to her and talk louder, thought surely I was going to wake the kids! My second call showed it was for a vacuum cleaner, but after I gave my greeting the caller hung up. My 3rd call was again for those Romance Cd's. This woman was nice although she was getting annoyed with all the upsell Cd's I had to offer (and read to her about), but the call ended well. The 2 calls took me a little over 40 minutes, but it went by fast! The only thing I disliked was having to give the upsells. And I know with Direct Response orders, it comes with all of them. So I'm going to get some time and experince in with it and then hope to train for a different company like Toys'R'Us or ProFlowers, where upselling isn't as present. Just thought I'd share my first part time work at home experience with y'all!

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uncle steve said...

I got my Lifetime romance CD's. Sorry I didn't mean to hang up on you. Just joking. Keep up the good work.