Monday, January 28, 2008

Recent Photos, Buda Park and Pontiac GXP

Just wanted to post some recent photos. We've been having great weather lately, it's been in the 70's. So we've been hitting up the parks when we can. We're trying to get more active and moving. We took the kids for a walk last week and I think it was some 40 degrees out, they were bundled in their double stroller and Stephen and I had winter gear on! Forgot to take a pic of that. Stephen gave me a letter the end of the year stating his goal to become healthier and more fit. It was similar to the letter he gave me the year before to quit smoking. And he did quit, cold turkey! I think his children really have an impact on it all - he's realizing he wants to be around a lot longer, he wants to be fit so he can keep up with the kids. So I am very proud he is doing this. His goal is to loose 100 pounds this year. To boost off his Best Life Diet he's sticking to these tips:

1. Get moving.
"That's the single most important thing," Bob says. "Most people cut calories, but you've got to lead an active lifestyle."
2. Stop eating two hours before bedtime.
"That alone is going to translate into significant weight loss," he says. "Build it into your lifestyle of what's your normal schedule."
3. Drink at least six glasses of water.
"Most people are dehydrated, and that hurts the weight loss process," Bob says. "Get your six 8-ounce glasses a day. …But if you're active, you've got to step that up."
4. Eat three meals, including a nutritious breakfast, and a snack.
Bob says restructuring your eating, especially to incorporate a healthy breakfast, is extremely important.
5. Eliminate alcohol (for now).
"You can add it back at a later date," Bob says. "Give it a month or two."

And this week he is currently sticking to the cabbage soup diet. It's only a 7 day plan, helps you drop a lot of weight very quickly but is not meant for long term. He's been doing great. And I can tell he's dropped some weight already.

Anyway with this great weather like I said we've been taking the kids to the park. The other day we went to a park in Buda. It's in a neighborhood right behind Madeline's Dance Studio and across the street from our church. Very cute neighborhood, we love the houses and wouldn't mind living there. They're traditional style houses, sort of like the ones in the movie "Father of the Bride" with the garages in the back of the house, with the driveway in front leading all the way back. Also lots of these homes have balconies which you don't see too much of now. The park there has a fishing lake. It was a gorgeous day and the kids had fun!

Stephen brought home a Pontiac GXP. So far this has been one of my favorite cars. It's sporty, but 4 door and large enough to put the kids carseats in. I think it has a V8 so it's powerful and fast. And the dashboard is awesome as it displays your speed on the windshield!

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uncle steve said...

When your kids were younger, I thought they couldn't get any cuter. I was so wrong. They are both adorable. I heard the housing market is going down some more but so is the interests rates. Good luck on your house search.