Monday, July 23, 2007

My latest sewing project...

So while vacationing in Lake Okoboji, IA; Aunt Stormy took us around to some boutique shops. In one of them I came across these really neat baby blankets called "Taggies". I said to mom, "I can make these myself!". They were these comfy, soft, luxurious blankies with satin ribbon "tags" on them. I know with Madeline she has always had an attachment with her "homey" as she calls her satin edged blankets. And she loves to just run her fingers across the satin. James has become fixated with his blue sports fleece blanket that was given as a gift by my girlfriend, Lindsay. And I notice he loves to rub the edge of it with his fingers too!

I am needing to make a few baby gifts in the next few weeks for some family members so I thought I'd try and make my own Taggies! I bought this super soft material from JoAnn's and found some really cute satin ribbon. My first taggie was a trial run and I made it for James.

What do you think? Oh and here is the website link for those professional made Taggies: You can see they price from $20 and up. I made James' for under $4. Here is a pic of one of the taggies from that site.

I decided I didn't like the 2 different length ribbons I did on James and will keep them all the shorter length. I also had a bit of trouble sewing the fabric, since it's so soft and stretch it was hard to keep the stitching straight, but I have an idea now so hopefully I can do a better job with the gifts!

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