Sunday, July 22, 2007

James has a girlfriend...

Tonight we had our neighbors over for dinner. I made my homemade chicken enchiladas and steak taquitos. And of course lots of salsa and guac! It was nice sitting around with all of them and getting to know them better.

One of our neighbor's brother just moved here to Austin and got a job in inside sales with Dell. He told Stephen he should apply there. It's great pay, benefits start right away, it's M-F with weekends off and there is room for growth. So Stephen is going to give him his resume to give to his boss. The only downside is the Dell office is in Round Rock (North Austin) and will be about a 40 minute drive. They are however building a toll road that is soon to be finished and would probably get him there faster. So we'll see.

Sean and Chandra's daughter, Kayla is the same age as James and she's already started walking!!! I got some cute snapshots of her and James playing.

Wow and I cannot believe my blog has been viewed over 1000 times! That's awesome. I've been getting great positive feedback about it - so I guess I'll keep on, keeping on! ;-)

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