Thursday, July 18, 2013

Day 5 Vacation...Magic Kingdom Again & Visitors!

Back to blogging, it was a busy week. On this vacation day we spent half of it at the Magic Kingdom and the other half back at our resort swimming and eating with some special visitors. This was our 2nd time to the Magic Kingdom this trip, this time with the Tengbergens too! Kids are anxious and excited on the parking tram to get into the park!

Never fails, lots of laughter with this bunch.

Once inside on Main Street Madeline wanted to take Kiara to the barber shop we went to last time so they could get pixy dust (glitter) in their hair. Even Aunty Maureen got glitter-fied. :)

Hook'em. Showing their Texas Longhorn pride on Main Street!

Stephen, Armilyn and David took some of the kids on the rockets in Tomorrowland. Stephen got this video of them going round and round. :)

While the others were on the rockets, Kiara, James and I decided to go dance with the Chipmunks near by. We got a good workout. The kids loved that the Chipmunks came down to dance with them. While editing this photo I noticed the man behind the Chipmunk...
striking resemblance to Mr. T right!?

After a few rides we split up into groups. David, Stephen, Eric and myself ended up taking Nathan on some fast rides like Space Mountain. While Armilyn and Maureen took the other kiddos on all the fun kid rides. I'm glad they got the pictures below of the kids with the infamous sword. Their faces crack me up...

Aunty Maureen braving the tea cups with the boys, James and Alex.

We all met back up near the castle for the firework show. I can't take credit for this photo but I must say it was a pretty spectacular show. In the beginning the real Tinkerbell was lit up and flew (on a cable) from the top of the castle across the sky. We had a great day, and the kiddos were pooped once we were on the monorail back to our van.

Earlier that day we had some special visitors at the resort! Oom Rob, my mom's cousin who lives a couple ours south of Orlando drove up to have lunch with us and visit. 
We were so happy to see him!

Oom George, Tante Xenia, Tante Patty and Oom Folly also stopped by for a visit. They were doing a roadtrip in Florida the same time we were there. It was so wonderful to see everyone!

Of course the older ones slipped the younger ones some spending $$ money. Kids were happy to accept and eager to spend on a souvenir. 

Had to get a picture of all the "Tengbergens" we're just missing Tante Patty whom was taking the photo. We had a great visit!

Madeline grew quite keen of Oom Rob in the few hours we visited. The last time she saw him was when she was 2 when we lived in Oregon. We definitely have to plan another trip back to Florida and go and visit Oom Rob at his home. For now we'll cherish these memories made.

Stay tuned, next post is of our last day in Florida!


Michaela said...

Haha, that picture with Mr. T cracked me up! You guys sure packed your days full of fun, what a blast!

andria said...

Great pics! What a wonderful vacation!