Monday, July 8, 2013

Day 4 Vacation... Animal Kingdom

I think we all agreed that Animal Kingdom was one of our most favorite of all the parks. We would definitely visit this one again. The entire park was so beautifully landscaped, you really did feel like you were in a jungle or on a safari in South Africa as you walked the grounds. 

I thought this picture was hilarious, 
Stephen captured all the parents snapping away pics of the kiddos.

We passed by several live music stages. 
The kids especially liked these drums they could play on.

The Kilimanjaro Safari was a jeep ride through an African Savannah. 
The kids loved seeing all the wild animals.

In the jeep we were able to come real close to some of these exotic animals.

Animal Kingdom had a prehistoric dinosaur section that the kids really enjoyed. Tante Army treated them to some yummy ice cream in this part of the park. 

Ice cream and getting wet were two great ways to cool off at the parks. 
And boy did we get wet on this rapid ride!

I bought the girls some autograph books so they were very adamant on meeting many of the characters at the park. I think Nathan just wanted to meet Pluto and Goofy.

Nathan being 13 and the oldest of all the kids was ready to go on any fast roller coaster type ride he could find! So David, Stephen and I would chaperon him on these rides (the 3 of us realized we were getting too old for these fast rides LOL can't you tell by David's expression?). Here we are ready to get on Expedition Everest. Actually Stephen went on it a second time with Nathan, while David and I caught our breath. Here is the video from their second time on the coaster...

Another great ride at that park is Dinosaur, it's similar to the Indiana Jones jeep ride at Disneyland except this one you are running from dinosaurs! We all loved Armilyn and Alex in this shot.

James really got a kick out of being silly with his uncles and cousins.

We had a great day at this park!

Many of our drives to and from the parks consisted of loud music and singing in our van. 
This video shows a taste of that. :)

I believe we ended that day with more swimming at the resort. 
These kids were having a ball!

Next post...a visit with Oom Rob and Magic Kingdom with the Tengbergens.

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