Monday, May 13, 2013


I posted these 3 pics on Instagram for their mothers sweepstakes. 
I love being a mom, and I love our moms.

We celebrated Mother's Day on Saturday since I worked on Sunday. The kids made me the sweetest gift and Madeline bought me a ring from JCP with her own money. So sweet. Oh and I got lotion hand and foot massages! Now why can't every day be mother's day?

For Mother's day I decided we would go have some fun at Spring Loaded. The whole family went and jumped! :) It was a lot of fun. The kids played several games of dodge ball with other kids. We had a good time. Here is one of the videos I took...

Spring Loaded was at the Texas Ski Ranch, so after we jumped up an appetite we walked next door to eat at one of my favorite places, Wahoo's!

When we returned home from the Texas Ski Ranch our neighbors next door were having a crawfish fest. So we joined them and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening hanging with them! It was fun and the kids tried crawfish for the first time and loved it!

Lastly while I was at work yesterday I received and special delivery! From my kiddos, they really spoiled me! Yummy! I love them so much!


Kelly Spence said...

See, isn't mother's day the best? Looks like yours was eventful and full of sweet gifts. Madaline is gorgeous. You and Steve sure make beautiful kids.

andria said...

Looks like a very nice/special weekend for you my friend!

Mickie and Matt said...

A Fruit Bouquet? Looks TASTY! Sounds like you had a lovely Mother's Day weekend :) and that you are LOVED!

Love the nails too. I want some Shelac sometime myself you'll have to let me know how long they last.

Rachel said...

Love the craft tulips!