Friday, May 3, 2013


So our family is adjusting to both of us working full time now. Come the weekend we try to plan a "family fun night" to spend some quality time together. It's also our 1 day a week we splurge and go out to eat. Stephen and I have been dieting for several weeks now. He's down 11lbs. and I'm down 6lbs. So tonight we took the kids to see Jurassic Park in 3D. They really enjoyed it. I can't believe that movie came out 20 years ago! I was 15 when I saw it. Man, I feel old! Afterwards we ate at a new burger joint called Smash Burgers. They were pretty good! Then we had to walk off our meal so we stopped by Sheplers and tried on some country wear.

Now that I'll be earning monthly bonuses, I plan on buying myself a pair of cowboy boots! These ones I tried on were over $300!

I love men in cowboy hats. :)

We have a winning boy here. Today at school he was awarded with a Kid of Character Award for having the best Integrity! So proud of him. And so was his sissy.

Last weekend our Godson, Anthony, was baptized! It was a beautiful celebration.

The little guy did awesome, He was so mellow throughout Mass.

And when he was baptized, not even a peep! I held him and his mom and I were waiting for him to react to the water on his head, but it did not bother him. 
He knew he was receiving God's amazing grace. ;)

He's such a doll. I love all of our Godchildren!

So lately (since my parents visited in March) Madeline has wanted to learn to speak Dutch. She's been practicing her counting in Dutch. :)

When I uploaded the above movie we were looking through our old uploads and found this one of Madeline. Amazing how much she's grown!

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andria said...

I love those boots! You'd look great in them! :)