Thursday, January 24, 2013

Proud Parents

This post is for the grandparents, we know Nana & Poppi and Oma & Opa will be very proud. Tonight the 3rd graders at Madeline's school had a performance in the gym. Each year the coaching staff at our school does an awesome job putting together a program for each grade level to show off all the fun ways the students learn to exercise in P.E. Both Madeline and James enjoy going to P.E. and learning from Coach Kim. In the video above you will see Madeline come in as the 2nd girl wearing a maroon class t-shirt. Stephen and I got a kick out of this performance! Made us smile. 

Madeline was really excited to perform with her friends and show us what she's learned. Below I pointed her out with a red arrow. They started the program off doing stretches with their colored towels to the song "At the car wash". It was super cute!

Another proud moment we had to share for the grandparents is a video of James reading this evening before bed.
James has made vast improvements! His teacher called me last week to let me know how James has taken big steps to improve his speech and reading. He's had some minor speech delays pronouncing his "L" and "Th" sounds which in turn has affected his reading and put him a little behind. But he's been working hard at school and home, we couldn't be prouder! Listen to him read this short story, the best is his surprise ending. Wait for it at the end! :)

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Mickie and Matt said...

SO cute! Those were great videos and pictures. I don't know if I have ever heard James talk that much before. His reading sounds fantastic and he definitely has the Spence humor. Eeesh. Madeline was adorable attempting to jump rope. Tricky stuff!