Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My Handsome Hubby

I post a lot about my kids, our family life, crafts, recipes, parties, Church, our jobs, our vacations. But it's rare that I dedicate a post solely to my handsome hubby unless it's our anniversary or his birthday. This post is for you babe!

Time ages, yet every day I still see the handsome face I fell in love with at 17. Though I know all of your jokes after being together nearly 18 years, you still manage to make me laugh each day and laughter is good for the soul. I think you look most handsome in your black polo work shirts these days, but I miss the days you wore an assortment of Aloha shirts. My heart swells each time you give our children "the look", race up the stairs for them to chase you so all 3 of you can jump on our bed in laughter. Though you still leave the kitchen cupboards open and dirty laundry on the floor, I love you anyway. Just admit it, you secretly enjoy listening to country music with me. I am so proud of all that you've accomplished in your career and think it's great your employees call you "Boss". I know you and salsa are inseparable  but if you had to give it up for would. Thank you for always making me feel pretty and wanted. I downloaded the Steve Miller Band album to our iPod today and thought of our first concert date back in 199-something. Our kids receive a lot of compliments on their beauty, and many attribute their looks to their mommy but I know their good looks came from you! I admire that you're everybody's friend. You're obsessed about mens hairlines, but don't worry babe you have great hair, grays and all. I think it's cute you get all torn up by inspirational movie speeches even after you've seen them a gazillion times...Rudy, Braveheart, Independence Day.

Know that I will always pray for you, love you, want you and need you.

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