Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ducky Baby Shower

It's been party central over here at our home. This past Saturday I hosted a baby shower for our friends, the Medina's. Our daughters are best friends. We also stood in for their wedding last year. And they've asked us to be the Godparents for this precious baby boy they are having in February. They are naming him Anthony. Melisa's sister lives out of town and unfortunately couldn't make the shower, but she did send out adorable invites. It was a rubber ducky theme! A friend from Church make the cake, didn't it turn out totally adorable!?

There were about 20 guests attending. I had a sign-in cake table. Also provided newborn diapers for the guests to write funny sayings on. We played 2 games. One was matching the baby name with their celebrity parents. The other was baby bingo, where they filled out the squares with gifts they thought Melisa would receive. Whoever marked off 5 in a row and got bingo won!

Melisa's sister also sent a cute recipe to make a rubber ducky bubble punch. It used white grape juice, ginger ale, blue koolaid mix and pineapple sherbet for the "bubbles". Turned out too cute!

The Medina's are big Cowboy fans so I had this onsie especially embroidered for Anthony. 

I also made this decor name banner for the party and for Melisa to take home. The shower went great and they got a lot of stuff for baby Anthony. Can't wait to meet the little guy in a couple of weeks!

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Mickie and Matt said...

How awesome is that baby shower! It looks amazing. You and her sister did a lovely job. I'll have to keep that theme in mind next time I throw a baby shower, that punch looks like fun!