Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend

We hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving! Where did you go, what did you do?

One of my friends from college, Andria, whom I've kept in touch with through the years was in town with her hubby and kids. They were checking out the Austin area. On Thanksgiving Eve we met them at the Salt Lick for some yummy BBQ. It was great meeting all their kids and we had a nice night.

 The next day they came over for a Thanksgiving meal. The kids warmed up to each other and they had a fun time playing. Madeline is holding their youngest daughter, Averie. Their sons, Tanner & Jason are real close in age to Madeline & James. And their other daughter Laine just cracked us up with her personality and all her talking. We were thankful and glad to spend this time with friends.

On Black Friday we didn't do any shopping. Actually I did hit up the outlets Thanksgiving night from 10-12, crazy I know but I scored some great deals on clothes for the kids. So we slept in on Friday and that afternoon we headed over to Six Flags Fiesta Texas for their opening night of Holiday in the Park! The kids really enjoyed all the Christmas shows. We saw the Looney Tunes Christmas and the Rockville Dicken's Carolers, next time we'll have to see the Majesty of Christmas where they bring to life the story of the Nativity. I'm glad Six Flags is keeping Christ in Christmas with their holiday stuff in the park.

The kids went on a few rides that they never went on during the summer.

They had a gigantic Christmas tree lighting show. We caught the end of it where there was fireworks and snow (bubbles) falling from the sky.
The carolers sang some beautiful Christmas songs including these two favorites of mine!

This summer James was too short to ride the big swings, he must have grown because now he's tall enough and was excited to finally go on 
(that excitement quickly changed to fear once the ride started).

Madeline is a pro on this ride.

So James and I decided we don't like this ride. : / Maybe it just seems faster and scarier at night time but we were happy when it ended.

To end the night we visited Santa in his castle there. James saw a friend from school in line in front of us. A pretty little girl who had eyes for James and said hi to him probably 6 times. James says he chases her at recess. Stephen and I were chuckling about that. When the kids saw Santa James was really studying his face, beard and belly. He wanted to make sure he was the real deal, afterwards he whispered to me "mom I think that was the real Santa!".


Mickie and Matt said...

Happy Thanksgiving! It looked like ya'll celebrated wonderfully.

Fun to kick off the Christmas season with a little Six Flags. For the record I don't like the swings either.

Maybe that Santa WAS the real thing!

andria said...

It was great visiting with y'all! Looks like you had a great rest of your weekend! :)