Sunday, November 18, 2012

Charlotte's Web & Glasses

Each year the kid's school puts on a family fun night. The school staff always goes out of their way to come up with a fun theme and make it a special night. This school year all the grades having been reading the classic, Charlotte's Web. So family fun night was geared around that classic book! It was Daddy and James (as a student) first family fun night, Stephen has always worked in the past on those nights. So the kids were happy he was able to come along. Of course he did most of the picture taking, so I never got a pic of him!

James pinning the tail on the pig!

Making Charlotte the spider!

While walking through the school halls we saw Madeline's art project she's been working on in the after-school Giant Art Club!

They had a hayride in the school parking lot. :)

And even a small petting zoo that had a pig too! James liked petting the rabbits. We had a great time. At the end of the night they served popcorn and lemonade in the cafeteria and had a cake walk where every kid won a cupcake.

On Friday Madeline had an appointment with the Optometrist. She did not pass the visual screening with her school nurse so we had to get her checked out. :( Turns out she was in need of glasses, she's near sighted (20/70 in one eye and 20/40 in the other). So at school she's been having trouble seeing the board or projection screen. She will now wear glasses for most of the day at school except when she's participating in P.E. or sports. When she is home, if she needs to she can use them to watch TV. 

She was actually excited about picking out a pair of glasses. She's a little worried about what others will think at school but we told her not to worry. She's looks great in them doesn't she!? They should be ready in a couple of days.

Penny has had some house guests. :) We've been dog sitting for our neighbors who just had a baby! Baby was born on Wednesday but still at the hospital for some testing. Please keep this sweet baby boy in prayer, that he may be able to come home with the family happy and healthy very soon! In the meantime I think our lil guests are enjoying their stay over here!


Rachel said...

Love the new glasses, Madeline. You picked out a good pair! ;)

Justine and Fernando said...

I commented from my iPod Touch, but it looks like it didn't show up! Anyway, I did notice YOUR glasses, which are cute too. Too bad I can never pull off the cute looks that you and Madeline can. Mine are total bottle cap! And Charlotte's Web...what a great way to celebrate literature.

Sassy Sarah said...

Picking out new glasses is so fun! Although my first pair was no where near as cute and took up half my face! lol

Hope you guys have a Happy Thanksgiving!