Friday, October 26, 2012

Red Ribbon Week

The kid's school participated in Red Ribbon Week 2012. Each day was a different theme and the kids really wanted to participate. So I took pics of them each morning before school...
Monday: "Red Rally Day"
Wear your favorite Red Ribbon or Red Shirt to kick off Red Ribbon Week 2012.
Today's Message: Get up! Stand up! Speak out for a healthy life!

Tuesday: "We 'can' choose to be drug free."
Bring a can food donation for the Hays County Area Food Bank.
Today's Message: Good citizenship is caring with a big heart by helping others.

Wednesday: "Be a hero every day."
Wear your favorite super hero t-shirt.
Today's Message: Be a hero every day by helping, encouraging and respecting others.

Thursday: "We're 'crazy' about being healthy."
Wear crazy socks.
Today's Message: Healthy choices help you set positive goals for the future.

Friday: "We rule! We are a drug free school!"
Join the team against drugs. Wear your school or team t-shirt today!
Today's Message: We can achieve the goal of unified schools and communities by staying drug free.

The kids also received their first report cards of the school year. In kindergarten they don't receive letter grades yet, just scoring to show if they are satisfactory or unsatisfactory. James did great on his first report card and received all satisfactory markings. He's well on his way of mastering his grade level expectations for the school year. Proud of him! We challenged Madeline to strive for straight A's again this school year, she managed straight A's all of last school year. And she's off to a terrific start, straight A's! And her teacher left a sweet note on her report card. Proud of her too!

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steve said...

The kids are growing way to fast. Love the clothes. I miss y'all. Uncle Steve