Monday, October 29, 2012

October coming to an end...

 Boy where does the time go, is it really almost November? I celebrate my 1 month anniversary at my new job in 2 days. Can't hardly believe it. Feeling good about fitting in at my new job. Very thankful. So this weekend Madeline's friend Ashleigh spent the night. So we decided to do some pumpkin carving. A local church had a pumpkin patch and with it being so close to Halloween no pumpkin was over $5. So the kids scored these HUGE ones!

They were pretty disgusted about cleaning out the pumpkin guts. LOL We looked through Google pics to find some pumpkin face ideas and came up with these. I helped draw them on the pumpkins and the kids cut them out with my help.

 Silly Frankenstein (James), Flying Witch (Madeline), and Jacko-Kitty (Ashleigh)
I thought they turned out cute.

Some new stuff going on...
So in the Fall and Spring the kid's school has after school clubs for 8 weeks. You have to sign up, then they do a lottery to see who gets in the club. Madeline has always wanted to do the art club. They only have 12 spots and several grades can sign up. Well Madeline got selected and she is SUPER excited! What can I say the kid loves school and art - so she's fine with staying an hour after school! Tomorrow is her 2 club meeting and she loves it so far!

 Stephen and I were eligible for upgrades with our cell phones. I didn't really need a new one but Stephen did. He's been eyeing the Galaxy S3 from all it's commercials. Verizon is selling them for $199. But on Friday Best Buy had a 1 day sale and was selling them for only $99! So we bought 2 for the price of 1! I got the white one and Stephen got the blue one.

We love them! They have nice big screens, are super thin and hardly weigh much. They have tons of great features including S Voice (it's like the Siri on an iPhone). It also has that "kissing" feature as Stephen likes to call S Beam where you can transfer files from one phone to another just by holding them next to each other and "beaming up!". We still have to figure lots out on them but so far are very happy with them.


Mickie and Matt said...

I am carving my pumpkin right now, okay not right NOW I am actually looking for something to carve. I can't decide. Matt and Ty finished theirs in no time flat. I'm the loser left at the table now.

Congrats to Madeline getting into Art Club. Will we get to see her various Art pieces too?

Cool phones! I wish Matt would just GET A CELL let alone a cool one. Some day i'll force one on him. I like those commercials, I especially laugh when the daughters make the Dad a video and the mom does too. HAHA I laugh every time.

Justine and Fernando said...

The pumpkins look awesome. I love the goofy Frankenstein one. The kissing feature. That's so cute.

Michaela said...

love the pumpkins! They turned out great! And the phones look awesome! The commercials for them crack me up how they diss the iphone, lol. And I have to admit, they do look better than the iphone.