Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Back to School Shopping

I can't believe it, but back to school night is in 5 weeks! James will start Kindergarten and Madeline will start 3rd grade. The past 3 summers I would start shopping for Madeline's school stuff around 4th of July, when sales would start. Now I have to shop for 2 kiddos. I'm the type that rarely likes to pay full price for shoes and clothes, especially name brand stuff. I'm always searching for deals, clearance, coupons and sales. And so far everything pictured here I got great deals on! For Madeline I've always had at least 2 pairs of good shoes for the school year: tennis shoes (for P.E. days) and slip-on comfy shoes (for Music & Art days). So I was able to score on great deals for a pair of Crocs and a pair of tennis shoes from the Disney store for James. I also got 10 pairs of socks on sale at Target for $6.99.

Madeline still has a good pair of sandals and boots, so she only needed new tennis shoes for the school year. She'd been dying to get these Chuck Taylor Hi-Top Converse. Kohl's had them on sale and I had a 30% off coupon, so we got a pretty good deal on them. Also found some cute socks on clearance for her at Target. My neighbor told me about this store at the outlets called Naartjie, she bought her daughter some really cute clothes on clearance there so I checked it out. I was able to get Madeline these really cute pairs of stretch pants that had ruffled bell bottoms for less than $2 each!

James got to pick out his first school backpack. :) I let Madeline pick a new one out each year, but last year I let her splurge and get one from Justice for Girls on the condition she use it for 2 years. So she will reuse her backpack and lunch bag from last year. James had trouble deciding but finally chose an Avengers backpack. He still has to pick out a lunch bag.

I love back to school shopping and the excitement of a new school year starting. Target and Walmart already have the classroom supply lists out...so we need to start purchasing that stuff before it runs out! Can't wait for back to school night and to meet the kids new teachers! Keeping my fingers crossed that James gets the same wonderful Kindergarten teacher Madeline had.


Sassy Sarah said...

I think buying school stuff is my most favorite thing in the entire world!! (I'm an office/school supplies junky!)

What awesome deals you got. I love a good bargain. Lately, I've been having really great luck with Amazon...I'm a Prime member, but some of the deals are too good to pass up.

Also, do you shop on zulily? My friend invited me so I could buy something (non-baby/kid related) and now I can't believe some of the deals. Let me know if you want me to send you an invite!

I can't believe James is going to Kindergarten. I think I've been reading since he was just a toddler!!

Mickie and Matt said...

Wow! 5 weeks and both your kids are in school again! Crazy... Tell James he made a good choice with the Avengers backpack.

And way to go snaggin' all that stuff for such good prices!

Christina said...

I am a school supply junkie too! Neither of my kids are even in school yet and I'm already resisting the urge to compulsively buy crayons these days. :) Looks like you found some great deals! Best of luck to your kiddos for a successful school year.