Friday, July 20, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (volume 12)

Wow so my last Quick Takes was back in February. Sometimes it's just too hard to keep up with these weekly blog posts. I've somewhat neglected my blog and don't write as many posts as I used to. Hubby even said to me, "does anyone even comment on your blog anymore?". I told him I don't post as much anymore, but I hope my faithful readers are still around. :)

I must first comment on the shootings from last night. Oh how my heart breaks for those that were there and family of those who died. What a horrific tragedy. I've been listening to news broadcasts while at work this morning. And I must say whenever something like this happens I always find myself thinking "what if I was in that situation, what would I have done?". Anyone else do that? I just heard an interview from a man that was inside the theater with his girlfriend, I think I would've reacted the same as him. Play dead lying on the floor until it seemed clear to exit, AND most importantly pray to God and repent of my sins.

2 pins I posted to my "Faith" Pinterest board this week...
"For this child I prayed." Such a beautiful idea for a baby photo - 1 Samuel 1:26-28

1945 U.S. Marines receive Communion from a Marine chaplain on Iwo Jima.

Doesn't God's beauty and grace exude from both of these?


So this week for some reason my 8 and 5 year old brought up the ultimate childhood question..."Are Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy real!?" Gulp. Wanting to keep these guardians of childhood real for my kiddos just a bit longer, I convincingly told them "of course!". My daughter of course raised logical questions..."why does the tooth fairy have the same handwriting as you mom?" "there's no such thing as a gigantic bunny, can't be." "how does Santa get in our home if we have no chimney?". So I just simply said that mommy and daddy work with all of them to help them out. Of course they are in awe that we've seen all of them. So Madeline finally demanded, "Mommy I want you to tell me if they are real or not by the time I'm an adult, cause when I have my own kids I am not getting up in the middle of the night to help!". LOL. Kids.

Surprisingly there is a movie coming out this Fall on this very topic, wonder if I should take the kids or if this will spoil it for them?

Hubby and my wedding bands

So next Saturday our dear friends will be making the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony in the Church and they have asked Stephen and I to be their witnesses. We're so honored. Looking forward to this joyous occasion and praying for God's grace and blessings upon our friends.

So I want to start an exercise routine and stick with it. My hubby bought P90X a couple years ago, he never did it but we have the DVD's and pull up bar and weights. Thinking about taking on that challenge. Any of you do P90X? What are your thoughts and feedback?

So the other day I had a couple hours worth of dirty dishes and a messy kitchen to clean. I decided to put on some music on my iPod player to make the time go by faster. I actually listened to Justin Bieber's first album the whole way through. Even if you're not a fan, you have to admit this kid has talent. I know Bieber believes in Christ. He also went to Jeanne Sauvé Catholic School for his elementary years. I'll leave you with his music video "Pray". Have a great weekend!


Mickie and Matt said...

Yay! What a fantastic post, I didn't hear about the shooting, i'll have to read more about it that is heart breaking.

P90X will tear you apart but in a good way. If you are looking to get into some good shape do it! Then after that do insanity~ Totally worth it!

Gotta love the Biebs. I like that Pray song too. Funny I just realized yesterday that Matt lifts his weights to my JB Pandora station. HAHA Did you find tickets to his concert?

Christina said...

The news of the shooting struck me in a weird way, as all shootings do. I was on campus during the 2008 shooting at NIU which left five of my fellow students dead. :( Every time I hear of another event like this, I have flashbacks and anxiety. So, so horrible. My heart breaks for that community.