Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Latest Haps

Summer is in full swing and we've been busy on some days and lazy on others. Stephen is back to working afternoon/evening shifts so we save on childcare costs during the summer months. I'm working a little earlier from 7am-12noon. So our family meal together is lunch before Stephen heads off to work. It's working out, though we miss him during the weeknights, but our fun weekends usually make up for it.
The kids and I probably head to the pool in the late afternoons 3-4 times a week. Both Madeline and James have become much stronger swimmers. 

I think it's so funny that James even flashes his "Hook em" underwater.

The last 10 minutes of every hour the lifeguards blow the whistle for adult swim time. Notice all the kids out of the pool sitting behind me. James took this pic of me while sitting on the side of the pool anxiously waiting while I enjoyed 10 minutes of peaceful, calm water. :)

She could swim for hours.

This summer James finally tested out putting his face underwater without his snorkel mask. He has even attempted opening his eyes underwater. I'm glad he's getting more comfortable in the water.

Since Stephen stays home in the mornings while I work, I just drive his car to work to save on gas. So I haven't really driven my new car a lot. Just to and from the grocery store and post office and such. I really do love it though, it's fun to drive. And my license plates just came in, took this pic after I put them on.

Madeline had her friend over for a sleepover this past weekend. Took the kids swimming and then to Mickey D's for dinner and sundaes.

Stephen wanted to get in some fun swimming time this weekend so we headed over to the 5 Mile Dam Park (where James played soccer this past Spring) about 5 minutes from our house. We've never gone swimming in this riverbed, as the past 2 summers it was dried up. It was definitely a fun place to hang out and swim. There is a spot on the natural dam that the kids jump from to the river below. That is Madeline making a big splash at the bottom.

I tried out a few Pinterest recipes again. Made Green Monster Smoothies. What a great way to hide greens and veggies so the kids will eat them! This smoothie is made with spinach, frozen bananas/mangoes/peaches and water & ice. The kids and I really like it!

And tonight I prepared for tomorrow's lunch and made Stephen and I stuffed bell peppers. I made some broccoli cheddar rice pilaf and some ground beef seasoned with onions and garlic. Mixed the two together with some shredded cheese and stuffed it in some green peppers. Going to bake it tomorrow when I get home with some garlic bread - hope hubby likes it!

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Sassy Sarah said...

So happy your summer is starting off with lots of fun things to do! :)

Hope you guys are having a good weekend.