Monday, May 21, 2012

Our Adventurous Weekend

We had a pretty jam packed weekend. On Friday evening Stephen and I headed out alone for our romantic anniversary dinner. :) And right before we got to the Japanese Steakhouse I spotted these two! Yes, that's a dog in his side car. Too cute!

So we didn't make reservations, we were going early around 5pm so I thought we would be fine. Well one of their chefs didn't show and another was running late. So it was going to be 45 minutes before they could cook for us on the tepan table. For the inconvenience drinks were on them. So we toasted with some warm Saki. We ended up not having to wait as long. And we also shared our table with this cute high school couple who were on their way to prom! Funny cause that was Stephen and I 17 years ago. We had fun chatting with them and our chef. It was a great way to celebrate.

On Saturday we decided to use our Six Flags season passes for the first time and head down to San Antonio with our friends, the Wright family. (I feel so short)

This pic cracks me up. :)

While all the brave guys head over to the Goliath roller coaster I took the other kids to the much more milder rides...or so we thought. Here is my sweet James BEFORE he got terrified on the steep drop of this log ride. No more going on that ride.

Ah much better. Kids liked this one.

Madeline and her friend Ashleigh sitting in front of us on the kiddie coaster.

James was a little apprehensive after the log ride, 
wanted to make sure this kiddie coaster had no steep drops.

James and I sat back and watched Ashleigh, Madeline and Abraham soar through the air on the swings.

They loved it!

It was time to cool off in the White Water Bay section of Six Flags. So we headed towards the gigantic Texas shaped "Lone Star Lagoon" wave pool that holds over half a million gallons of water. 
The kids all know how to swim, I just was worried about the mass amount of people and the waves so I made them all wear life jackets.

Hook'em Horns!

The kids all really enjoyed the waves.

Stephen was daring and took Madeline, Ashleigh and James down this waterslide in a family raft. Here is their raft just coming down. They had fun but Stephen said their raft was a little uneven on weight distribution. LOL He was a little worried when they would go up the side on some of those turns. All in all we had a fun time and can't wait to go back. We didn't even get to a lot of the rides because the park was pretty crowded. Good thing we have season passes.

And to end our fun weekend, yesterday Madeline bought her own bike with her own money ($100 saved up in her piggy bank). Isn't this the cutest hot pink banana seat Schwinn bicycle you've ever seen!? Stephen said the 80's are really making a big come back.


Chad and Crystal said...

Love the bike! Cami got a new one this year too. She looks so tan! So glad summer is almost here!

Mickie and Matt said...

Wow that was a jam packed weekend! Dinner Six flags and bike shopping. I need a nap just reading about all that but hey, I need a nap any time of the day these days :) Thats cool that you guys got season passes to Six Flags, fun all summer!

Sassy Sarah said...

Fun weekend!!!

andria said...

Cool new bike!