Friday, March 23, 2012

Special Visitors

My parents flew into town on Wednesday for my birthday. They were also here at the perfect time for another special visitor, Heather. Heather, her parents and her younger siblings Vanessa and Frankie lived next door to my family and I during my childhood. The Cruz family were the best neighbors!

Heather and her husband live in NY. Her law firm comes out to Austin to recruit at UT. She hasn't been here in a couple of years, so it was great news to hear that they were sending her out here this week! She was able to come see our home, visit and talk. Then we went to brunch at a local tea house in downtown Kyle. 

Unfortunately Stephen had to work and Madeline had school so they missed out on the special visit. But we had a great time reminiscing about old times and talking about what's currently going on in our lives. It was so great to see her! I'm so glad she had time in her schedule to visit with us.

I happened to be going through slides today with my mom after Heather's visit and I came across this old photo of my brother, David (right) playing basketball out front of our home with Frankie (left) who is Heather's brother. I know the Cruz family will appreciate seeing this photo. :)

Here is a pic from dinner 2 nights ago on my birthday when my parents flew in. We had a yummy meal at Serrano's. It's nice having them here.

Last night Oma and Opa got to see James' soccer practice. It was also picture day so they wore their uniforms. He has a game tomorrow morning, so they get to see him in real action.

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