Wednesday, March 21, 2012

About Me

In honor of my 34th birthday today I thought I'd compile a list of 17 (1/2 of 34, because I can't come up with 34) things about me...

1. On this day in 1978 I was born at the Huntington Beach hospital via c-section. Ironically a little over 6 months before this day, my hubby was born in the same hospital by the same doctor.

2. My parents liked the name Nadia for me (after the Romanian gymnast, Nadia Com─âneci), but decided on Melissa Marie (inspired by the rock'n'roll King's daughter, Lisa Marie). I go by Lissa for short.

3. The #1 song the day I was born was Night Fever by The Bee Gees. I own the Bee Gees greatest hits CD and my favorite song by them is How Deep Is Your Love.

4. I have two older brothers, growing up though many people thought my brother Tason and I were twins because we were close in height. He's actually 1.5 years older than me.

5. Growing up my favorite drink was Guava juice, it still is one of my favorite drinks today.

6. I loved the home and street I grew up on. My parents still live there today! And for a treat for my birthday this week I will get to see and visit with two of my childhood neighbor friends!

7. My favorite birthday cake is a princess cake (white cake with strawberry jam filling and Marzipan icing), wish I could have a slice of one today! I guess frozen yogurt will have to do.

8. My ethnicity and heritage is Dutch and Indonesian. Living in California and Texas, most think I am hispanic. Don't speak Spanish (even though I took 3 years in high school), but I understand Dutch!

9. I was a quiet, studious child. I received straight A's in elementary. Did fairly well with my grades in middle and high school. I played the piano and clarinet. Took drafting and Dutch courses in high school. Was on the board of my Architecture Club in junior college. Got accepted into the Architecture schools at USC and Cal Poly Technic University of Pomona. And graduated with a Bachelor of Art emphasizing in Graphic Design from Cal Poly Pomona the same time I got married.

10. I've know my hubby half my life. We started dating when we were both 17. He asked me to his senior prom right when we started dating.

11. Stephen and my best friend Robyn are the 2 people I share all of my secrets with.

12. I love to watch Viking and Red Sox games with my guy.

13. At the age of 24 I married my love.

14. At the age of 25 I fell in love with our baby girl, Madeline.

15. At the age of 28 I fell in love with our baby boy, James.

16. I love being a wife and mommy. My favorite things to do with my Ohana are going swimming or river tubing. Going out to eat at our favorite restaurants. Taking Penny to the dog park. Going on vacation!

17. I pray a lot. I thank God a lot. It has been a wonderful journey thus far.


Mickie and Matt said...

How fantastic was that list! What a fun way to share your Birthday with us! Hope you have a special fantastic day. So GLAD we are family :) You are the best!

p.s. this is my 2nd time trying the word verification... Haha

Sassy Sarah said...

Happy Happy Birthday! :)

I hope you have a wonderful day with your family and friends and that all of your wishes come true!

Today I am thankful to have you in my blogging life - you seem like such a wonderful person and getting to "know" you through your blog has been so nice!

Happy Birthday!!

Kelly Kilian said...

I love this! Happy, happy birthday my friend! I hope this year brings you endless love and joy.

Justine and Fernando said...

Oh my gosh...that Dutch family photo!!!! Too AWESOME!! Got it done in Holland, I assume? I so want one now for our own family, Spanish style!

You can pass for Hispanic for sure. Great list. Happy belated birthday, Melissa! I still can't get over that photo....hahaha!!!