Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Oom Folly's 70th

This past weekend we celebrated my Oom Folly's 70th birthday. Oom Folly is my mom's older brother. During my childhood we would often go to Hawaii to visit Oom Folly, Tante Patty and my 4 cousins: Whitney, Eric, Quinten and Austin. So now it's a treat that Oom Folly & Tante Patty as well as Whitney's family live here in Texas too only a couple hours away. So my parents flew out here mid last week for my birthday and then we drove out together this weekend for Oom Folly's birthday. We celebrated at a really nice Chinese restaurant and the photos above were from the slideshow shown there. 

Oom Folly and Tante Patty greeting everyone that arrived for the celebration.

Eric's family flew out from Hawaii, so Madeline and James were thrilled to see their cousins Kiara and Nathan.

It's always great to see Ariel, Whitney and Pamela. They did a great job decorating the party.

Oom Folly and my handsome hubby. :)

Dad and Mom with Oom George and Tante Xenia.

Eric, Maureen, Nathan and Kiara. I can't believe how big the kids have gotten! It was so wonderful to see all of them!

Me with the lovely ladies, Pamela and Maureen.

Oom Folly's boys all gave a great tribute to their dad. Eric gave a funny speech, Whitney gave a beautiful prayer and Austin read Quinten's letter since Quinten could not be there....
it was a tear jerker.

We all enjoyed the plates full of Chinese food and the kids loved the dessert bar.

Maureen did a great job leading everyone in the happy birthday song. :)

And Tante Patty performed a sweet Hawaiian dance for Oom Folly. It was a great celebration. And I'm so glad my family could be there to help Oom Folly celebrate. Oom Folly has been an awesome and helpful uncle through the years - always willing to give his time and effort. He's helped fix our cars, helped us move, helped us paint and always is so generous and a blessing. I am so fortunate to be surrounded by such a loving family.


Allison said...

how wonderful - your children are building memories and you are too!

Tason Nix said...

Wish I could have been there to celebrate both bdays!! Glad Oam Folly had a great timeand all the family could be there. Good pics and videos. Haven't seen Austin in forever!

Henri Samson said...

A million thanks to let tante Eef and i enjoy these pictures and we are very sorry in not being able to be there.
Folly we wensen je nog meerdere jaren in God's zegen.

Eef en Sam

Truly yours

Whitney Tengbergen said...

Thank you Lissa for honoring Dad the way you do. It is always such a blessing having you and the family over for a visit.

Love You Very Much,


Sassy Sarah said...

What an awesome party! Being with family and loved ones is so good for the soul.