Monday, March 19, 2012


I can finally share about the project I was working on the other week that was a surprise. Stephen's mom asked if I could make some masks of Mark's face for a surprise 40th birthday party they were throwing him. She wanted everyone to hold up a mask of his face for when he walked in and they yelled, "Surprise!" She needed about 60-70 of them. So I went through my photos of Mark and chose 4 different faces from different times. The one above is of Mark from a couple years ago when he went to Europe with his work.

The face Madeline is holding is Mark on his wedding day in August 1999. And the one James is holding was from a family portrait in the early 80's. James said he wanted to hold the one where he is wearing a that's not a helmet, that's his hair. LOL

Whoops forgot to share a pic of the 4th mask. It was a nice smiley face one of Mark that I had from 2003 when he came to visit us in the hospital when we had Madeline. They were fun. I printed them out in color on paper. Cut them out. Then I laminated them to protect them from tearing or getting wet. Cut them out. Then I hot glued XL popsicle sticks to them. 

From what I heard they were a hit. Still waiting to see more pics of them from the party, which was this past Saturday. And yes, Mark was surprised. :) He turns 40 tomorrow, a day before my 34th birthday.


Mickie and Matt said...

Happy Birthday to Mark!

What a fun idea for a surprise birthday party.

Of course Happy Birthday to you too soon! Any big plans?

Sassy Sarah said...

That is so so funny! I think I might try to do that the next time we through a party!! So hilarious!!

Hope you had a good weekend! :)

Mark Spence said...

Thank you soo much. That was so kind of you sis. You did a great job! I had a great birthday!