Friday, March 16, 2012

Chill Date

Madeline went to a birthday slumber party this evening, and Stephen is working a later shift. So I took my handsome son out on a date. I surprised him and took him to Chill Out. He thought we were going to a restaurant to eat, so when we walked in he exclaimed, "Mommy I love this place!". Yogurt for dinner, I think so.

Can you guess which yogurt is his? :) He had half vanilla half brownie batter yogurt topped with mini M&M's, chocolate and rainbow sprinkles. I had half angel food cake half Dutch chocolate yogurt topped with blackberries, white chocolate chips, cheesecake bites and heath bar pieces. We enjoyed our yogurts sitting at a nice table picked out by James next to the sunny window. James was a wonderful date.

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Anonymous said...

So sweet! I love these rare one-on-one dates.