Monday, March 12, 2012

First Communion Dress

In exactly 2 months from today Madeline will make her First Communion! 2012 is flying by that's for sure. For months now I've been pinning dress ideas and finding some great dress deals online. I visited some bridal boutiques in the area but didn't see anything I liked and they were all $100+. My friend at work told me about a dress shop in a local mall that sells dresses for quinceaneras and thought they might sell some reasonably priced flower girl / first communion dresses. So we went looking for this shop this weekend.

They did have dresses for little girls and a pretty good selection. Madeline tried on about 8-10 different style dresses, but this was the one she loved. She'll be wearing her Nana's vintage communion bracelet and her Oma's lace chapel mantilla veil. I thought the dress tied in nicely to the veil with the lace banding around the waist. I didn't want to make a rush decision (especially since this store doesn't allow returns), so we left the shop without getting it to think about.  I found the same dress online and for less, also found a coupon code for 15% off. Sweet. So we decided to order the dress today. Can't wait until it arrives!

Madeline has noticed in pics of girls with their communion dresses and modern day veils that a lot of them are wearing tiaras, crowns and hair wreaths. She really wanted to wear one. But I told her because of the type of veil she's wearing, she can't wear those. So then I did a little research, and found these Renaissance style headdresses on Etsy. So pretty huh? Madeline loved it. And they are under $20. So I emailed the maker asking if she thought it would fit okay on a child's head, or if she could make it with smaller size beads. Waiting to hear back. But I think a pearl headdress like this one would look beautiful under her chapel mantilla veil.


Mickie and Matt said...

HOW FANTASTIC! What a great day it will be for Madeline, she'll just be lovely. :)

flower girl dress said...

Ahhh how sweet, I think I may have had a baptism dress. I love the lace on yours and the bling on your daughters is perfect too!!

Amy Everpean said...

How cute are these dresses!! I just love them! I recently found a communion dress very similar to this one for my little girl and can't wait to try it on her!!

Anonymous said...

My daughter made her first communion later at age 12 due to various reasons.we got her communion dress,veil,tights and shoes at a small mom and pop department store.They had every thing needed for the girls first communion there.She picked out a cute poofy communion dress and matching veil,then we got her tights and then picked out the white plastic pants[rubberpants] that are woen under the tights and then got her a new under shirt.the rubber pants fit her nice and looked cute under the tights.most of the girls in her class got their outfits at this store.