Sunday, February 19, 2012

Best Friend Visit

My best friend, Robyn, is here visiting! Despite the rainy weather we've had the past 2 days, it hasn't stopped us to go out and have fun. We took her to some favorite spots as well as some new ones. We've gone twice already to the Natural Bridge Caverns in New Braunfels. This time we decided to check out the Wonder World Caverns in San Marcos closer by. These caverns did not have the rock formations from dripping water like the other ones, these were caused by an earthquake and are right under a fault line that we were able to see in the ceiling of the caverns. You were also allowed to touch any of the rocks.

Of course the kids enjoyed this outing. And we had a pretty funny tour guide.

We hiked down the caverns about 100 feet below the ground. And were down there for about 45 minutes.

There was a "dark room" in the cavern where the tour guide turned off all the lights. This pic was taken before the lights went out. :)

After the cavern we were taken to this pretty cool anti-gravity house. You literally were leaning while walking through it without falling over.

After the cavern and anti-gravity house there was a train ride into the Mystery Mountain & Wildlife Park. You could feed the deer and goats from the train. Aunty Robyn and I were getting the deer food ready for the kids.

James got nipped a few times by these deer because he forgot to open his hand flat while feeding them. But he loved it!

Watch out Aunty Robyn these deer were quick to try to eat the whole bag out of her hand!

We take a lot of guests that come to visit to one of our favorite restaurants on Lake Austin, the Hula Hut. Super yummy Mexican Hawaiian food. Here are Madeline and Robyn sitting at our table on the enclosed pier. We ate delicious Hawaiian fajitas and chicken flautas until we were stuffed! So we had to go walk it off at the capitol.

Madeline took this picture of us in front of the state capitol. She did pretty good. We showed Rob around inside, went up to the 4th floor of the dome and saw the Senate Room.

On one of the other days we drove Rob down to see the Riverwalk in San Antonio. I wanted to take her on the boat ride through the canal but it was raining on and off. 

So instead we just walked part of the Riverwalk. And had lunch at the always good Salt Grass Steakhouse where we had excellent service.

I remembered to bring some bread so the kids could feed the ducks and birds.

We also took her by the Alamo and walked around the inside and surrounding gardens.

Aunty Robyn was here just in time to see Madeline's 2nd grade school performance, it was a folk square dance. She did great! I will have to upload the dance video soon. Here they are after the program.

Here is Madeline with one of her best friends, Ashleigh. I believe her 2nd grade class (there are 4 of them) did an Irish folk dance.

While Rob was here we also had an adult evening out and Stephen and I took her to the Alamo Drafthouse to see a movie and get the whole experience those special movie theaters provide. We also checked out our new frozen yogurt shop in town, it was pretty yummy! And on her last morning here, we went downtown for breakfast and ate at Le Café Crêpe (pictured above). Love this place. We had the best breakfast!

Stephen got a ham, egg and swiss cheese croissant, the kids split a chocolate croissant and a Crêpe au Chocolat nutella filled, Rob had there Morning Crêpe with Eggs, spinach, mushrooms, onion, Swiss cheese and I had the Chloe's Crêpe with Nutella and bananas. A great way to end our wonderful visit with our wonderful best friend and Aunty!


Kelly Kilian said...

How fun!!! Looks like you girls had a great time.

Chad and Crystal said...

We have been wanting to check out those caverns for awhile. Looks like you had a lot of fun!

Sassy Sarah said...

Best friend visits are so good for the soul, aren't they?

Hope you're having a fabulous week!