Tuesday, January 3, 2012


This Christmas I was so thrilled to receive a voucher from work to pick out any art piece I wanted as a thank you for a year's worth of hard work. So I took this opportunity to have something made from 3 ideas: "this family was established...", the birth and anniversary dates idea from Pinterest, and a pineapple symbol for our home that represents the Hawaiian symbolism of hospitality, warmth and friendliness. So I found this pineapple in our awesome inventory of art and I customized it.

So I added our birth dates, 
and then the date this family was "established" 
(our wedding anniversary highlighted in green).

The Hawaiian pineapple motif says to the world: "Welcome!".
So I hung this right by our front door so all of our guests could feel the warmth & friendliness & know they are always welcome in our home.

I had it printed on canvas, gallery wrapped and set in a floater frame.
I love how it turned out!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I love it! Turned out great!!!