Friday, January 20, 2012

Losing My Melanin!

Ever since I was little I could remember my mom putting on these plastic gloves and putting this black gunk in her hair. She did this about every 2 months or so. And now my time has come. I will be 34 this March. I remember finding 1 or 2 gray hairs over the past year or so, but now they are multiplying and popping up all over the place! What is going on! I actually Googled why does hair turn gray. So quick lesson...basically we have pigment cells with melanin (the same chemical that darker skinned people have to make their skin darker) that are found in each hair follicle, or hair root. Well as we age those cells die! And mine are obviously dying off! I don't do much with my hair. When it's shorter I try to leave it down and styled. But it never fails, as it grows longer I am constantly putting it in a ponytail. Well I've been freaking out the past few months because I am sprouting a ton of gray hairs around the crown of my head and they show more when my hair is in a ponytail. And tonight after my shower I decided to blow dry my hair, which is rare. And as I was hanging my head upside down, brushing and blowing my hair down...I see these super long full length gray hairs! Ah!

I did buy Hair Dye for your roots a couple of weeks ago but am waiting to apply it until I get a haircut which hopefully will be soon. I'm afraid if I don't start dying my hair I will be going salt and pepper like this. It actually doesn't look so bad on Angelina Jolie...
but then again I'm not Angelina. 

In my research that I read about gray hair it is said that once you start spotting gray hairs, it could take up to 10 years before all your hair turns gray. I've only seen a hand full of woman in my life who look good, like this woman in my opinion, sporting a head full of silver. Again, I don't think I could pull it off. Do you? Sounds like Madeline will start seeing me do the ritual of putting on those plastic gloves and putting black gunk in my hair!


Mickie and Matt said...

Funny I just looked in the mirror today at my roots to see if I have any grays. None to be seen. That is quite odd however sinc emy mother started going gray at 22 or so, same with all her sisters! I turn 27 this year and have only had one or two crazy grays. Speaking of coloring, I am going to try and go darker myself so I don't have to upkeep the super blonde. We'll see how it goes. Are you just trimming back up your last hair cut or are you going to do something different this time?

Anonymous said...

I have been getting gray hairs for a few years now! I think my highlights help hide them ;)

LOVE the look of your blog. The Vday theme is TOO cute.

Allison said...

Girl, I am nearly 50 and my hair is more gray than not. But I "match" my beloved, two years younger than I and not a brown hair in sight. It is good to grow old together.