Monday, January 30, 2012

Doggy Park

This weekend was pretty mellow. Madeline had a friend's birthday to attend at a bowling alley in San Marcos. So I thought while she was bowling it was a good opportunity to take Penny Lane to the doggy park right down the road by Texas State University. The kids love going to the doggy parks too and running around with all the dogs. James was the only little kid there (lots of college folk go there to take their dogs and socialize) so all the dogs were curious of this little human. But James loved it and ran around with Penny and the other dogs. Both kids have a special bond with Penny. I love this shot of James and Penny, he was "checking on her" to make sure she was okay. :)

After the doggy park we headed back to the bowling alley to catch the end of the party. Madeline has always been one of the tallest in her classes. It was funny to look at this photo and see she's taller than most of the boys and girls. All the kids had a fun time bowling!

This afternoon I've been working on my lesson plan for CCD tonight. Often when I do this James will watch something on TV. He asked me if he could use my hand weights. I look up to find him mousekercising with Goofy. I thought it was too cute not to capture!

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