Friday, January 27, 2012


I've never been the gal that likes to shop high end stuff. I've never wanted a Louie Vuitton purse. I've never wanted a pair of heels from Manolo Blahnik. In fact I'm OK with no name brand stuff. Don't get me wrong I can appreciate the value of something made with high quality or craftsmanship. What I don't appreciate are the high price tags. We've gotten by just fine with our generic brands and saved on money. I do love to shop the clearance racks, and it's always nice to find a brand named or high priced item for really cheap. Today James and I went shopping for some birthday gifts. I had no intention of buying anything else. We went to the Disney outlet store. And I had forgotten that they have a pretty good clearance section in a corner of the store. So I picked up these cool new Phineas & Ferb kicks for James for when he starts Kindergarten this August. Yup these are James' first school purchase. The past 3 years have been fun shopping for Madeline's new shoes, clothes and backpacks for school. And now we get to start this for James too! On clearance we scored these shoes for $5! I also got him some pajamas for $4. I have to remember to shop here for the kid's Disney World souvenirs for our Orlando trip...yup I rather pick up a Disney autograph book and stuffed animal from this outlet store than pay the over priced tags at the stores over there! I'm smart like that. ;)

This adorable piggy bank was also a clearance score that "Santa" picked up at Target. It was only a couple of dollars. For the past few days James has been dumping his change out (several times a day) to count to see if he has saved more money. He's been checking all the couch cushions for change as well as keeping an eye out for when we go out and about for change on the ground (he found a dime on the floor in the Disney store). Cause he's smart like that. ;)

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