Thursday, December 8, 2011

Polar Express

Madeline's elementary school puts on a themed family night probably 3 times a year. The teachers and all the volunteers always put a lot of effort into them and make them really special for the kids. Tonight was a special Polar Express night and the kids were told to come dressed in their pajamas.

A very special guest was there. Another good looking Santa. And this one gave the kids special bells after their visit. I also like the work they put into the back drop, really does look like the caboose of a train.

The kids excitedly reading the note that came with their bells.

"Keep the spirit of giving in your heart all year round!"

James couldn't wait to get some hot chocolate with marshmallows. 
We got some yummy cookies too!

They had a pillowcase chase. James showing off his speed. Madeline said, 
"Wow James is really fast, I can't believe he won!"

They had musical chairs, which the kids really liked playing. Of course they had Bieber's Mistletoe playing. :) Have you heard it? I actually think it's a sweet song.

The kids really wanted to make an art craft so we stopped at the reindeer workshop. They did great making these reindeers out of their hand prints. Oh and they insisted on getting one more hot chocolate before we went home.

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Mickie and Matt said...

OKay Okay I'll admit it I am a closet belieber :) I dig his Christmas album.

What an awesome party for the kids! How fun! It looks like it was a wonderful night.