Monday, October 31, 2011

Spooky :)

Jimmy-James our spooky ghost, and Madeline our Spider Queen. 

Daddy took a break from work and drove all the way home to see his spooky kids on All Hallows Eve. The kids love to scare their daddy.

Trick or treating around our neighborhood with James' best bud, Pirate Aaron.

I love this shot. James did spook some of the little ones we walked by - and he was super happy that he convinced some people handing out candy that he was a real spooky ghost.

And I'm not sure how, but James seem to have gotten almost double the candy of Madeline. He must have been taking more than one at the houses who left out buckets of candy. LOL

The kids had a great day!


Mickie and Matt said...

James would have scared Ty that is for sure! Looks like a successful night of Trick or Treating!

Sassy Sarah said...

Happy Halloween! Everyone's costumes are cute and looks like you guys got some loot!

The one positive from not having a lot of trick or treaters is that we have lots of leftovers!!