Monday, October 10, 2011


Today, this very special man, my dad, turns 70! 
I have to blog a little bit about him...

He worked hard and accomplished the American dream his parents dreamed of for him.

He's an honorable man. One who volunteers his time to help others.

He is a wonderful husband to my mom. He can be grouchy and stubborn sometimes (just ask my mom) but she loves him anyway. :)

He was the one I always wanted to swim with growing up.

No matter what, he is always by my side and supportive.

He is a cool dad. One who takes up a hobby like fixing up a motorcycle and taking riding lessons. 

He is a hard worker and dedicated to any task you throw his way.

He loves family history and sharing it with me. 
(pointing out one of the apartments he lived in Holland as a child)

He's a great father in-law and mentors my hubby with fixing things and house projects. :)

He's a silly Opa. :)

An Opa that takes interest in his kleinkinderen (grandchildren).

And I can't believe he's 70 years old! I am so thankful God has given him 70 years of good health so he can be around for my family. I pray that God gives him many more birthdays to celebrate. We love you Dad! Hugs and kisses for Opa from Madeline and James! Happy Birthday!


Rachel said...

Happy birthday to your dad! Hope there are many blessed and healthy years to come :-)
Besides being a wonderful dad to you, he's also a wonderful oom. There was a time I considered your parents home to be my 2nd home. It's very special that they're always so hospitable and caring. :-)

Sassy Sarah said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad! I hope all his birthday wishes come true!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Mr thankful that we were fortunate to have so many years together as neighbors on Silktree Street.


Esther G. said...

Melissa, what a lovely tribute to your dad!! Happy Birthday! (Sorry I am a little late).