Friday, October 7, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday (volume 9)

I love Fall and Spring weather here in Central Texas. The temps are always mild and it's beautiful to be outside! When we returned home from our California trip this week it was so nice to come home to mild 80 degree weather. We had a record breaking summer and it was pretty much in the high 90's low 100's from May to September. So when we got home I felt like saying "Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh."

James and Madeline received money from Oma and Opa to buy their Halloween costumes. We were looking at some while shopping in California. When Oma went back to the store to buy them, they didn't have them anymore! So when we got home we went to the store and Madeline found the Spiderella costume she wanted to get. James kept switching between spiderman, batman, transformer, pirate and a ghost. But he really wanted to be something spooky (he loves pretending to scare/spook his sissy and me, makes him laugh and giggle). So we have a spooky ghost. Kids can't wait for Halloween.

Does your family celebrate the secular holiday of Halloween?
A few years back I did a post about All Hallows Eve (a.k.a Halloween) and how our family as Catholics views the holiday and the meaning behind everything. Click below to read my post:

So when Madeline went back to school she received her first report card for the 1st session of this school year. All A's baby!!! Woo hoo! So proud of her. This week at school she also had the school book fair. I always let her buy a book each year. She picked "Interrupting Chicken". And today is school picture day. This year she really wanted to be involved with picking out her outfit and jewelry, as well as deciding how to have her hair. When I dropped her off at school the principle opened our car door in the drop off line and said to Madeline, "Wow you look so pretty!". Hopefully that will help her have a good smile for her picture. Here is the blog post with her past school pics.

Being in the Fall mood this week I decided to break in the new cupcake pans my mom sent home with us and bake the kids some pumpkin bread cupcakes. I used this favorite Pumpkin Bread recipe (it was a hit last year with my neighbors) and just put them in the cupcake pan and only baked them for 20 minutes (they bake a lot quicker than in a loaf pan so keep an eye on them!). Topped them with some vanilla icing (not that they need any more sugar after the 3 cups the recipe calls for, but who cares right?) and let the kids decorate with sprinkles. Yummy!

So I taught my first class as the Catechist teacher on Monday. The curriculum topic was Mary and praying the Rosary. I have to say I have an awesome class of CCD students. They are all eager to learn and such great listeners! This coming Monday I am teaching them about Forgiveness.

Now that I am a bonafide CCD teacher :) I've been researching for activities that my students can work on and came across this awesome blog called The Catholic Toolbox. They have some great encouragement, ideas, examples and activities on there. Can't wait to share them with my class.

Hope y'all have a nice weekend!

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Justine and Fernando said...

That's great, Melissa! So inspiring that you're teaching a CCD class. And Madeline keeps looking like a little lady now. Straight As, total firstborn overachiever!