Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Why Blog?

The company I work for, New Era Portfolio (also known as Gallery Direct) is really focusing on social networking to increase sales and make them the most positively talked about art companies on and off line. Our company has a blog and hopes it will help show we are experts in all things art, give a personality of our company, gain loyal readers and help deliver traffic to our sites. They have chosen people from our staff to be on the blogging team, and I am one of them! :) We are encouraged to write about our passion for our work, host contests and giveaways, interview someone, make a video or screencast, give lists of trends, and the latest news in the art industry. And for fun and encouragement we've also been given a point system for the social activity we contribute and can redeem points for rewards and incentives.

So it would REALLY mean A LOT to me if you spread the word about my posts on the Gallery Direct blog, visit the post and leave a comment (because I earn points for all of that too). Also feel free to share this with your family and friends, the more that stop by and read my post, the better. 
My very first blog post is up!

New Era Artist Feature: Volume 1

(click on blog post title for link)

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