Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Remember Caboodles!?

I was in an organizing sort of mood this afternoon. And tired of having all my nail stuff and Madeline's hair stuff in sporadic places in our house: side table next to our family room chair, the kids bathroom drawers, my master bathroom drawers, among some other odd places. Then I remembered that my dusty 25+/- year old Caboodles was sitting under my bathroom sink. I got it in the mid 1980's and loved it! It held all my nail polishes and I would give myself manicures all the time. When I finished college, got married and moved away - it remained in the cabinet of my childhood bathroom until my parents finally gave me the remainder of my stuff. I'm glad I still have it, cause now I can pass it onto my daughter to use.  

I remember buying this pink Caboodles-like case for Madeline a few Christmas' ago to store all her hair stuff. It needed to be reorganized so I made a hair accessories Caboodles and a nail accessories Caboodles for Madeline.

It feels so good to have everything organized again.

Everything in it's place.

Madeline very happy about her new Caboodles.

James didn't know what all the fuss was about, he just knew he wanted his picture taken next to the Caboodles too. :)

And she's off.... painted her nails tonight alternating between 3 colors creating a pattern. Oh and she already dropped one Q-tip in the nail polish remover bottle. :)


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, that is so great! I remember mine was pink and green. I loved it! What a great thing to pass on to her!

Justine and Fernando said...

Mine was black, white, and pink! I love the geometric-shaped enclosure on yours. Totally 80s! It can be an "heirloom". Hahaha!

Kelly Jung said...

You know what's crazy - they still make and sell caboodles!! They look so different from the ones we had back in the day!

Michaela said...

That is so fun! I remember looking for my caboodle a few years ago, and I think I got rid of it :(