Wednesday, September 7, 2011

joy and peace in believing

The Catholicism Project

I am so excited about this TV series that will be coming out this Fall. Like Father Barron says in this trailer clip, "We need to tell our own story"...I feel like I am apart of this Catholicism Project as I volunteer as a Catechist this new school year for our Religious Education CCD once again. The thing in my life that brings me most joy and peace is my God of hope (Romans 15:13). I want everyone to have that joy and peace, especially my family. We can all know this God of hope by learning from His teachings.

Evelyn's childhood bracelet from when she received her First Holy Communion. Madeline will wear it this year at her First Holy Communion.

Joyfully, I will be a Catechist this year for Madeline's 2nd grade First Holy Communion class. I am so incredibly excited Madeline will be receiving this Sacrament of Grace this year. I can't wait to help teach these children about God's divinity and how He is so giving towards us. Also excited James will start his first year of Religious Education CCD this year. Bless his little heart, with all the big, complex topics he's talked about of late including God, I know he is ready and eager to learn and understand more about God.


Mickie and Matt said...

What a beautiful bracelet. So exciting for all three of you! Hope it brings you all closer as a family feeling that joy and peace together.

Michaela said...

Jordan: That is such a great trailer and I loved the quote about us needing to tell our own story. It's such a scary thing for so many, to share their views on Christ. Im sure this new series will help the topic arise more openly allowing for Christ to become more frequent in our conversations. Its also great to hear the news for you three, what a rich blessing.