Monday, September 19, 2011

Grandparents Day Lunch at School

It's days like this that make it a downer we don't live near extended family. Last Sunday on September 11th it was National Grandparents Day so Madeline's school hosted a Grandparents Day lunch this past Friday. All the students were to invite their grandparents. Madeline emailed Oma (my mom) to see if they could fly out for it (they have free flight benefits). My mom planned on coming out. But as the date got closer all the flights started getting overbooked, there was no way she would make it on stand-by. We figured out why the flights were so full...Austin City Limits Music Festival was starting. Bummer. Madeline understood but she was still super sad. Her teacher said parents are welcome to come for the special lunch. So Stephen filled in for Oma & Opa and Nana & Poppi.

Instead of the chicken and baked potato the school was specially serving, Madeline and Stephen opted for pizza, carrots, apple and chocolate milk.

Madeline was very happy to have her daddy there. They just chit chat the whole lunch.

Stephen said one of Madeline's classmates had a conversation with him, went like this:

"Hi Madeline's Dad"

"Hi Madeline's classmate"

"You know I play football for the Invaders"

"Oh really, let me guess...quarterback?" (the kid looked like a linebacker)

"(Chuckling) No, offensive line."

"Ah yes, I should've known."

"Bye Madeline's Dad."

"Bye Madeline's classmate."

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andria said...

Conversations with young ones make me cute!