Monday, September 19, 2011


Today was the first day of CCD religious ed classes at Church this school year. It's also James' first time going to school. James has never gone to any preschool, daycare or taken any sports lessons where he's had to listen to a teacher or coach. I was a little worried how he would do, I even had a bad dream last night that he got put into the wrong class and that he was scared. Can't help it, he's my baby and I worry. He even had a few tears in the parking lot before we went into class because he was worried about me not being in class with him. But he did GREAT! He enjoyed the class and likes his teacher. Phew!

We feel really blessed and fortunate to belong to an awesome parish that has a wonderful private Catholic school as well as a great CCD Religious Ed program. It's so important our children learn and understand our Faith. Excited to see them go through their spiritual journey.

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Madeline started CCD at the age of 4 (3 months before her 5th birthday) and James started today at the age of 4 (2 weeks before his 5th birthday). Gosh the kids are growing so fast! And they really do look like siblings. 

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This is Madeline's 4th year of CCD. And this year she will be receiving her Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion. And I am her class Catechist/Teacher! I am super excited to be teaching her and the other students about these Sacraments. I have 4 boys and 8 girls in my class and they all seem like great kids so far! It's going to be an exciting year!


Mickie and Matt said...

Hip Hip Hooray for James going to CCD for the first time. That picture he drew looks just right.

Cute pictures of the kids. Hooray for Madeline too preparing for Holy Communion :)

Good luck teaching, but really I don't think you'll need it :) Those kids are lucky to have you. Might be a talkative class due to the girl to boy ratio too.

Sassy Sarah said...

Oh my gosh - your kids are so adorable and getting so big!!

I can't wait to hear how they like CCD - I went to Catholic schools, so I didn't have CCD until high school. But it's such an exciting time in their spiritual lives.

andria said...

That's awesome that you are teaching again this year...and in Madeline's class!! James is getting SO big, and what a handsome boy he is!