Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend Highlights

This weekend we went to a Baby-Q, a BBQ party for Stephen's co-manager and his wife who are expecting a baby boy in October. It was a pool party too and the kids had fun spending all afternoon and evening swimming in the pool. They had a black lab who loved to swim and cool off too. The kids thought she was so fun! She would play fetch in the pool with anything, even a paddle board! :)
I don't know how many times she went in to fetch that board, 
probably 20-30 times!
James would get out of the pool with her, and then make it a race. He would throw the board into the pool and then jump in with the dog and race to the board to see who could get it first. The dog won most of the time, but James is pretty quick himself and got it a few times.
Madeline loved looking underwater as the dog would swim by her.
The kids had a blast at the Baby-Q. I sewed some burp cloths for the baby gift, they turned out super cute but I forgot to take a pic of them. 

This weekend Madeline also reluctantly cheered at her first home football game (she's still getting over her summer cold she caught the end of last week). There was a problem with the girls cheer uniforms and last minute the league had to order them from a new company, but not all the right sizes came in. So Madeline didn't get all of her uniform yet. Here she is with one of her best friends Ashleigh. Their game was at 9am, but the sun was already blazing and it was in the 90's already. Poor kids were sweating it out!
We took James' buddy, Aaron along with us. He's really into sports now and memorizing the scores. They had fun and enjoyed the game and their slurpees. :)
Our nephew, Elias (Mike's youngest) had his first game of the season this weekend too. One of my old Medford Mom's Club friends contacted me and told me her son was playing on the same team as Eli. She said she would let me know about any pics posted to their team's FB page that had Eli in them. He's #44 and the tallest one in the line here. Go Elias!

Lastly with all that research I was doing last week on the Roku, we ended up buying the Revue with Google TV. The sales rep at Best Buy talked us into it. It was only $20 more than the Roku, had all the same applications and more. It comes with a Keyboard controller with integrated keyboard, remote control and touchpad and you can use it to go on the internet too! The kids love it, now they don't need to ask us to go on the laptop to play their PBS games, they can do it on the TV! We're happy with it so far. Check out the video to see what it's capable of, pretty cool!


Mickie and Matt said...

Whoa that TV system looks cool!

Fun pictures. A Baby-Q sounds like a a blast i'll have to keep that idea around for the next summer baby shower I have to through or have for myself...

Wow I had no idea Eli was that big! Also Madeline looks so cute at her game. Hope her uniform comes in soon! ANNNNND yet again I am super jealous that Jordan ann Co. get to come visit you guys!!!

Kelly Spence said...

We actually researched Roku after you mentioned it since we didn't have way to get Netflix and we don't want to pay for cable right now. We got Roku and Netflix a few days ago and like it. After watching that video I am almost wishing we got what you did though. :)

Holly Rutchik said...

First time to your blog. LOVE the look, and you have great child naming skills. Hoping to have a James over here...someday! Blessings