Friday, August 26, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday (volume 8)

Big news this week, I posted my 1000th blog post! If you missed reading it,
click here.

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More big news, we have a 2nd grader who started school this week. She also had her first sick day from school yesterday. She's come down with a summer cold. :( Picking up school work from her teacher today so we can work on it this weekend. Fun, fun!

Can I just say, my son is handsome. :) I gave him a little boy's haircut. We played pretend and he said we were at the Barbie shop. :)

Have you checked out all the photos from World Youth Day??? Amazing, 1.5 million youth and young adults gathering together for Christ's Church!

I love fonts. I received my BA in Graphic Design so I'm geeky like that. If you're ever looking for cute FREE fonts you must visit Fonts for Peas.


So our Samsung Blu-ray player in our family room bit the dust last night. We use this thing daily to watch Netflix. Have had it for almost 2 years. After Googling the problem and seeing many have the same problem with this player and to get it fixed by Samsung would cost $100+, I think it's inevitable we need to purchase a new player. But paying $150 for a new player is not in the budget right now. We got a free blu-ray that streams Netflix with our TV earlier this year, but put that up in the loft for the kids to use. And they use it daily too. We'll move that one downstairs. They will be bummed. So I started looking into the Roku for upstairs in the loft. It's half the price of a blu-ray and then the kids would be able to stream again. Any of you have a Roku? Pros? Cons?


If you didn't read my VIP blogger post for King's Hawaiian, click here.
Have a happy weekend! :)

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