Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sugar & Teeth

Do any of you follow the Pioneer Woman? If you don't, you should check her blog out! She has great stuff on there from family confessions, to cooking and recipes, to photography and home & garden stuff. And she's funny too. I just recently started following her blog. Yesterday I realized my bananas were ripe and I needed a new banana bread recipe (couldn't find my old one that I loved!). So I was on her blog and did a search to see if she had one - she did! And it was pretty much identical to my old one, sour cream and all, so I was thrilled to find it. I baked one last night and it was so delicious. I mean what wouldn't be delicious with 2 sticks of butter and 1 1/2 cups of sugar! Okay don't let that stop you from trying it. Super yummy.
You can find her Banana Bread recipe here.

*Just a disclaimer though, sugar and poor flossing leads to cavities. Ugh.

So Madeline did not receive an A+ from her new pediatric dentist today. I switched dentists for the kids to one closer to home. It's a fairly new office with state of the art equipment, friendly staff and atmosphere. The kids dug it. So Madeline was over due for a 6 month cleaning. At her last appointment several of her molars showed an early cavity. Let's just say it's grown and has caused an infection and abscess in her gums. Her gum near the tooth started bulging last week. Last year I really didn't want to have her have another tooth crowned so we postponed a follow up appointment. Big mistake. Now she will have to have this baby molar extracted! :( Not to mention a spacer put in for several years until the adult tooth comes in. She also will have another molar crowned and 3 molars filled, and 4 permanent adult molars sealed! Sigh. As if we didn't already have numerous other medical bills this year! Basically Madeline has pretty thin enamel on her baby teeth, and they are also tight and close together which makes flossing a must! I wonder though even if she flossed daily if she still would be prone to these? I mean it's not like the kids eat junk food  and suck on lollipops all day every day. They drink mainly water and milk with occasional juice. And James has zero cavities. So what gives!

So please pray for Madeline. I'll do an update post when she will have all this done. She'll be put under sedation and she'll also have a very sore mouth.


Mickie and Matt said...

Ahh poor little lady! I had/have thin enamel on my teeth too. I ALWAYS have cavities. I just know it going in it's just a matter of how many. I have been really good about brushing and flossing too, so Madeline may be just prone to getting cavaties. It's a big bummer for her to need so much work so young! When are you planning on having all of it done? We'll say a little prayer for her. Thats some scary stuff when you are young (even when you are grown too!)

I think I have heard of the Pioneer woman... funny you made that bread, I too have over ripe bananas sitting on my counter. But I was going to make banana bars... kind of a thinner denser bread with icing on top. They are delightful!

Kelly Spence said...

Yep, like you know, I love Pioneer Woman. I mostly drool over her recipes and never try them.
Poor Madeline. That is horrible to have to go through so young. I think my boys are lucky and have Nate's good teeth, but my families weird bites, so we will probably need ortho. Hope she does ok.

Kelly said...

Love pioneer woman! She has some great recipes.
Poor Madeline! I know that some people are just more prone to getting cavities. Sorry she has to have so much work done.
Keeping her in my thoughts.