Friday, July 22, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday (volume 6)

- 1 -
So last night here in Austin the blog author who actually hosts this 7 Quick Takes Friday was speaking at a local parish. I would have loved to go listen to Jennifer Fulwiler! (no babysitter) She's a witty writer and her conversion story to Catholic Christianity from atheism is awesome! Even if you are not a Catholic but a believer in Christ, her conversion story is worth reading. You can find it here
My coworker/friend went to hear her speak last night, 
can't wait to talk with her about it.

- 2 -

Can you guess which state flags these are? Well I guess the 3 with the names on them give them away, but what about the other 2? We drove in all 5 of these states last weekend. 2200 miles driven and about 34 hours of driving time. I've gotta say I'm still a little pooped. But it was all worth it to see our cousin get married! And we had a blast, danced all night at the reception...
James doing his new "robot dance move" :)

Madeline getting her boogie down with Uncle Kevin & Aunt Stormy :)

- 3 -
So at the wedding I was admiring veils. Mandi's veil and gown were absolutely stunning, she looked gorgeous! But I was also admiring some of her cousins and aunt from her Dad's side. They were obviously traditional Catholics and all the girls wore mantilla veils for head covering while at the wedding Mass. This is an older devotional practice in the Catholic Church based on 1 Corinthians 11, now a days you don't see too many woman wearing them. If I could go back on my wedding day I would change my veil to a more mantilla style.
Grace Kelly, Jacqueline Kennedy and Catherine Middleton all wore mantilla style veils. It's also customary protocol to wear a mantilla when receiving a papal audience at the Vatican whether you are Catholic or not. This a sign of devotion and respect, can you imagine being in the presence of Christ our Lord, makes absolute sense to veil in His presence - so it shows great respect that women veil their heads in the Pope's presence as they know Catholics believe the Pope to be the vicar, and most holy representative of Christ here on Earth. 

- 4 -
Check out these awesome old pics of woman leaders wearing mantillas...

- 5 -
Sorry I am on a mantilla kick this Friday :) So with all this thinking and research on them I think it would be a beautiful thing for Madeline to wear when she receives the Sacrament of First Holy Communion this coming Spring (yes I like to think that far ahead). I asked my sister in-law's cousin whom lives in Spain to keep her eye out for pretty ones there. Then I remembered as a child I used to play dress up with 2 that my mom had in one of her special drawers. I emailed her about them asking if she still had them. She emailed me back with this pic:
She still has them! And the white one is in good condition, no yellowing and the lace isn't stiff. She's going to gently wash it and see how it holds. It would be so perfect if she could wear this from my Mom, because I also have the bracelet from Stephen's Mom that she wore on her First Communion. Then Madeline will be wearing something from both her grandmothers. :)

My Mom also emailed me these...can you believe it, that's ME!

These are so great, can't wait to show them to Madeline.

- 6 -
Okay enough about mantillas :) I saw this idea on Pinterest and definitely pinned it. As a Graphic Design major in college I love this concept and idea. Basically the numbers are the birth dates of you, your husband, your wedding anniversary date, and then the birth dates of your children. My girlfriend just ordered one so I can't wait to see how hers looks. I'm going to attempt to make one on my own. I love finding a font I like, as well as a graphic background. Then I can print and frame it here at work.

- 7 -
Made these recipes this week, they are da bomb! You should try them.
Stephen had 5 last night and I had 4...they were that good.


linda said...

Love running into other Austinites on the web.

Justine and Fernando said...

I love James's robot moves!! I too wanted a mantilla veil but I could not get over the "matronly" look it gave me every time I tried one on. Plus it clashed with my lacey dress. They were expensive too! But soooo beautiful. Yes, will let you know if I run into anything!

Kelly said...

How cute were you?!! That will be so special for Madeline to wear something from both sides of the family.
My picture should be here soon. I'm really excited to see what you come up with. I love the idea and wish I could be a little more creative (and a little more patient)!