Monday, July 11, 2011

Some Fun Pins

I thought I'd share what I've been pinning to my virtual pinboards on Pinterest. Some of these images inspire me, make me smile, I can relate to, are just beautiful or give me an idea. Which is why I pinned them. :)

I need this sign for my laundry room.

Made me think of what I felt when we took a leap of faith and moved away from most of our family and friends.

I kneel and pray like this at church. Just love this capture. And love her dress.

I wanted to see other pins of hound this shot.

Sometimes we just need to wake up and say "this will be a positive day".

Such a cute idea to photograph wedding bands, I may try this with Stephen and mine.


Mickie and Matt said...

I like the first and the last one thw most... I think I may copy both of them. :)

Kelly Jung said...

How cute. I just recently heard of pinterst. Do you like it? I love that shot of the wedding rings. Might need to try that for my 365 as well.